Environmentally Friendly Sack Lunches

One important lesson you can teach your kids is how to be environmentally conscious and respect the planet. This is a lesson that you can actually send to school with them in their lunch.

114 Environmentally friendly packaging reduces wasteEnvironmentally friendly sack lunches really hinge on a little preparation and thinking in a non-disposable way. Start with the bag itself, a bag that gets thrown away every day is not good for the environment. A container that is reused daily is a much better option.

The next step is to consider the items that go into the lunch bag or box. Plastic bags, plastic wrap and tinfoil also get thrown away daily so a better approach is using Tupperware or another similar plastic container that can be washed and reused.

The obvious thought people have when they think about environmentally friendly lunches is the food itself. So consider the food you’re packing, buy locally grown produce whenever possible to save on shipping costs and environmental waste. Organic foods carry fewer pesticides and are preferred by many for their taste and quality but the organic growing process also introduces fewer chemicals into the atmosphere, the earth and your body.

Also skip the convenient individual serving packages because that’s just more environmental waste and you’re paying for packaging rather than product. Buy in bulk and use your reusable containers to package items up for lunch.

Environmentally friendly sack lunches are all about preparation and making well informed choices.

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Kristin is a freelance writer and runs a decorative paint business.