Centerpiece Ideas for Back to School

Get everyone ready for school days again by having a little dinner celebration and reminding them of the fun they’ll have in the upcoming school year. Emphasize this point with a centerpiece decorated for back to school.


Flowers and Fun

Take a traditional large bouquet centerpiece and jazz it up a bit by sticking several pencils and rulers into it. It’s subtle but inventive and your kids can always use the items once the flowers die.

Apple for the Teacher

A simple centerpiece that only slightly hints at back to school is a large container filled with apples. Use apples of all one color or mix in several varieties together. This is a centerpiece that will last a few weeks, or can be snacked on regularly until it’s all gone.

Chalkboard Paint

The best part about this centerpiece is that it can be saved and tailored to fit a variety of different occasions. Apply a coat of chalkboard paint to a terra cotta pot and let it dry. Add a plant that you’ll enjoy keeping for the entire season or longer. Then write inspiring slogans on the pot, encouraging your kids to do well and enjoy the school seasons ahead.

Back to School Supplies

Why not take the school supplies you’ve collected and use them for a centerpiece. Stack several notebooks together or use school books to raise your display. Then fill simple containers or pencil cups with pencils, crayons, chalk and other supplies.

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